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Bee-ware Barry February 22, 2012

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The Bee in his Bloomers

In case you haven’t seen it, The Bee Movie is an animated film about a Bee who one day accidentally gets lost and befriends a human. With whom he discovers that the honey him and his fellow bees are making is being sold to humans and that humans were farming bees for the purpose of said honey. Anyway, he and his new lady friend (the human) come to the conclusion that this is wrong and the lady (the voice of Renee Zellwegger) convinces the bee to do something about it. Basically she is the catalyst behind the entire court case that follows. So eventually they win and all is well, she is happily accepting praise from said Bee UNTIL the world starts to realize that without honey the entire ecosystem starts to fail. When this becomes evident the woman doesn’t hesitate to immediately blame EVERYTHING on the Bee!? As if this would have happened without her?! My point being (no pun indented) she is a miserable cow and I can see why her artificial sweetener liking husband had trust issues with her.

The Bee in my Bonnet

Disclaimer: The following review shall be given in a very “punny” manner. Oh Acorn. Classic.

Scapegoat, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I see the Barry the bee (brilliantly voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) in Bee movie. We have a bee who sees the usage of slave labor and torture and being the messiah of the 21st century, stands to oppose it; and takes on the aid of local florist, Vanessa (Renee Zellwegger). Teehee, Zellwegger. As Marshmallow has explained privatizing honey lead to the eventual collapse of the entire ecosystem, and while our poor flighty friend is desperately trying to find a way to fix the mess they BOTH created, Vanessa coldly announces that not only does she hold him SOLELY responsible for the global collapse, but also for the foreclosure of her business and possibly her perpetual menses. I’m surprised she doesn’t pluck out his stinger and thrust it through his heart as he buzzes out “et tu brute?” (Then not take any responsibility for having done so -___-). Of course once she’s done making a tiny little bee chase her while she races away in a cab; she HALF-halfheartedly “oh all right :r”‘s his successful plan of forestalling the coming apocalypse [December people :)] but shares the FULL glory of HIS triumph. All in all, the bee movie with its easy humor, great soothsayer script and fair trade message is a must watch for all ages. People with suppressed rages issues though (ahem ahem) should probably saunter down to watch Serendipity (sarcasm).

P.S: how pointless could a disclaimer bee? :B



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Listen good Jerry


In “the bigger the better news” today. What a beautiful creature. Really, I haven’t been able to read the article, I’m too immersed by the pattern on its back

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In “the bigger the better news” today. What a beautiful creature. Really, I haven’t been able to read the article, I’m too immersed by the pattern on its back


In AHA! moments missed today

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In AHA! moments missed today



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Science Explains the “Science” Behind Being Hipster. T&C say.. 2 Mainstream February 15, 2012

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It’s basically the same science behind going astray from convention by saying “I’m going to jump off a cliff because my friends AREN’T doing it maw!”

Continue Reading for cool music download sites.




Google Image Result for http://i.qkme.me/iI.jpg February 12, 2012

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Google Image Result for http://i.qkme.me/iI.jpg.

Every. BLOODY. Time!


*ring ring*… “hello?”, “PHONE ETIQUETTE??” February 11, 2012

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Hello, we’re back and with a real blog post this time!  Here are our thoughts on phone etiquette.  We hope you feel the same 🙂




So, phone etiquette… something quite a few telephone owners seem to be lacking! What I hate the most only applies to telephone owners in households with two or more occupants. The scene is set with the phone ringing and you happily answering with a jolly “hello?”. However, you are confronted, in an inquisitive tone, by a random name I.e ”Bruce?”. There are two things that irk me about this occurrence and they are as followed.


First; if you’re not sure who you are talking to, or are aware there is a one in three (or however many people may be living at the address) chance in getting it right, why not just ask if the person you wish to talk to is in!? And what’s more is, what if they have the wrong number entirely!?… My guess is these are gambling men! They love the odds stacked against them and the thrill of a “win”


The second thing that bugs me is that, should the phone ring, in order to be talking to the caller in the first place, I would, for example, have gotten up from watching tv, playing with the cat (r.i.p Lucy) or eating something to attend to your need of being spoken to at that exact moment, regardless of what I am currently doing. So the least you could do it show some manners and be polite… at least feel like you ringing a bell until I answer is some what of an imposition upon me! All it takes it a curious and simple “Hello, it’s X, is Y there, please?” and I shan’t reply with such comments as “Nope, you guessed wrong.  Ok my turn… umm, Jim?”


I do say, what is your opinion on the matter, Acorn :)?



Dear readers, for your convenience, internal monologues are done in foo-she-ah, and annoyances highlighted in turquoise 


I always thought of phones as the “magical mirror” featured in the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast; whereby Belle could “check up on” (effectively stalk) anyone she wanted to, at any time. So magic mirrors stumbled drunkenly out of fairytales and clumsily leapt into the hands/pockets of anyone who would take them by the buttons. These silica sluts ensured everyone got a magic mirror/phone… Then shit got real. Real bad. I have this evening ritual see, knocking back a suggestively badass looking “mocktail” of coke and 7up; while watching an episode of Supernatural and snuggling my nose into the couch, pretending for a few blissfully unaware moments to be less lonely than I really am. I like this ritual; it’s critical in removing myself from the reality of “no sorry, there actually isn’t a 6’2 handsome man reveling in the smell of your freshly shampooed (shut up, go scoff at someone else’s happy place) hair and wiping your free flowing drool at seeing Dean Winchester play Ghostbusters”; but then tring-tring… inside monologue: must be one of those techie ghosts. *vibrate* I.M: oh Couchie, not now ;). Tring tring! I.M: I digress, but still I’d have preferred a more classic, BOO! Whoa.. Almost scared myse.. TRING TRING! Awh balls -___-.  *picks up* “yes hello, the f**k do u want? (I.M: I live to pleaseoh hhaaayyy. Are you busy? Yeah kinda (whatta friend, doesn’t even know about my 8 hrs mandatory TV schedule) ooo sorry (well if you’re so sorry, hang up) this will only take a minute 😀 (It would only take a second to press end call and blame it on touchscreen) I was wondering if you could blah blah blah.. *grunting out the occasional uh huh, uh huhs* kay then! Thanks! Byyee. Byeee (WELL ABOUT FRIKKIN TIME) *Supernatural will be right back after these endless, increasingly annoying advertisements*-_________________-  I’ll stay up till midnight and catch the rerun.  Oh and I have no idea what she/he called to say. The unhappy end.


Le tomorrow, me and Couchie happily snuggled up while me and Dean exchange suggestive looks. *slow jazz music starts up* ooo… Couchie is that a rat eating up your upholstery or are you just happy to see me? *giggle giggle* Seeing as lunacy and loneliness hadn’t yet completely driven me off the edge, the door was open; which of course warranted the sudden arrival of one or many people, to enjoy with me the most of comfortable silences generated by TV. You see readers, the key word in the aforementioned sentence isn’t comfortable, or enjoy, or which… or heck even TV; it isn’t even the Ted Moseby like style I have delivered this sentence in, (don’t be silly that’s a part of this sentence and not a key WORD). The critical word, my now frustrated reader is, silences. Oh silences. You can have your lamb, I want my glorious silence! only to be recklessly abandoned during adverts. But lo and behold, certain, unnamed someone (MUM!) will answer her phone calls, loudly, while I watch tv! The nerve! At first, I mute it for her desperately chasing the fast disappearing subtitles with my crack snorter eyes; I continue this good daughter charade for the initial few minutes; but there is only so much of “I think the ghost is in the—SHE’S PREGNANT?!” that you can endure. So I start upping the volume, while making “but mmmmmuuuummm” eyes; ah but the old maid sees this as a fight, a fight to the END (of the show)! Dean! Run with-a spoon of sugar! Look out behind for the!-slut! That’s not a ghost it’s a– more sugar J Thank you for saving my-500 pound shoes :o?!.. Sugar J.

-_________________-  I’ll stay up till midnight and catch the rerun.


The stick up my bum has gone down to a less infuriating level, thanks to offloading to you dear readers. I hope you’ll tell us in the comments section, what annoys you about magic mirrors/telephones/life in general… and sugar 🙂



This is Marshmallow doing the “end credits” if you will. Thanks for reading… Oh, g2g the phone is ringing (probably Acorn, so I guess I’m about to be bombarded by hit hard by a lack of manners -_-).


If anything else bugs you about the lack of phone manners there seems to be in todays society or just want to agree then please comment below!  Be sure to follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/teaandcurry

Lots of love,

Us x

p.s We’ll be posting a song next!


All you can eat* Tea & Curry. January 30, 2012

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Hello, and welcome to our blog!  Here we will discuss a bit of anything and everything really… but first, a bit about us.


Who we are:

Marshmallow: My name is marshmellow; and this unfortunate moniker has been chosen by Acorn, a woman, unfortunately named by me and my squirrel fetishes (squitshes ?squirtishes.. ugh.. no) I enjoy skiing, whispering things loudly, CHELSEA; inventing ever more complicated terminology for a secret langauge only known by me and Acorn, and eventually, if you have the stomach (balls… stalls.. mmm) to stick with us, then you.

Acorn: Hello, my name is… on a need to know basis, you can call me Acorn :).  I’m not sure why I am called that exactly but I know it has something to do with Marshmallow’s love of squirrels.  Also, if I gave you my real name you could stalk me… and although it worked out with my previous stalker (Marshmallow), the chances of it happening again are pretty slim.  A little about me… I love makeup (lippy and blush specifically so you can expect to hear me talking about those on here) I also love rom coms and scary movies, hate maths and love making “AMAZING” songs with Marshmallow! In the coming months, if you actually read the blog, you’ll get to know many more of my likes and dislike and what grinds my gears.

What the hell we’re doing:

We will be dissecting fashion, entertainment,websites, people, hipsters (BEWARE) (note how you are in a different category than people 🙂 ) and any other topic that dares enrage our wrath.  Everything you read here will be our honest opinions/reactions and no more nor less than we would say to ones face.

We look forward to letting you know our feelings about ways and stuff,




P.S We switched characters to write each others biodatas. As we are too humble to accurately describe ourselves. Prepare yourselves for other such mindfuckery *cough* douchebaggery *cough* for those of u still brave enough to stay.

P.P.S (Please.Please.Stay): what a long ps that was (piss.. get it? piss… classic)


Picture this:

Wanted to spruce it up with some pictures but my ancient, dilapidated Mac appears to have a cold atm so I shall just leave you with the links… go look at them;

1) iI.jpg (600×900)

2) http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=cat+in+gravy&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1267&bih=679&tbm=isch&tbnid=gZIerzXq1vx9KM:&imgrefurl=http://fortheloveofcats.wordpress.com/page/4/&docid=aEBFmIBvF-O7VM&imgurl=http://fortheloveofcats.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/funny-pictures-cat-loves-food.jpg&w=500&h=340&ei=3OwlT7ypA8qv8AOYnsyoBw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=747&sig=117741877420908534221&page=1&tbnh=132&tbnw=178&start=0&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:13,s:0&tx=51&ty=70


* we feed the mind